The use of GIFs for marketing has been steadily booming the past several years, What once started as humors sharable memes, has now turned into one of the most effective ways for a brand to  tell their story. And the the general population's decreasing attention span, the 3-4 second loops are 


Boutique design studio studio specializing in brand content GIFs

  • concept development
  • Campaign development
  • Design + animation
  • Photoshoots 

Uses of GIFs &  looping viedos:

  • Product Showcase for web
  • Social Media brand content
  • Call to action banners
  • Website design elements  (such as buttons headers, and subtle logo animation etc. 
  • GIFs are great way to show your ompany culture via social media
  • Email marketing campains
  • Email newsletters
  • restaurant menu

Meet Our vendors

  • Video shoots (Sibline International) Khalid M is an renowned  cinematographer having worked with some of the worlds leading brands including Porche, Lincoln, Nat Geo.
  • Sounds (David Kamp)
  • Product photography (RR)